Enriching Students’ Vocabulary Using English Pop Songs

  • Author: Roimma Limbong
  • Issue Date: 2012/10/1


This study aimed at enriching kindergarten students’ English vocabulary was conducted in Singa School, Jakarta. The 21 students of the K-2 grade who participated in a two-cycled action research were taught vocabularies by using pop-songs. The quantitative data, collected using tests, and the qualitative data, collected using observation and document study techniques indicated that the use of pop-songs enriched the participants’ vocabulary, as shown by the increase of the mean scores of the tests conducted, i.e. 33.57 (in the pre-test) to 50 ( post-test of cycle I) to and 80 (post-test of cycle II), and the use of stories in each cycle significantly enriched the students’ vocabulary mastery. The t-tests in the two cycles resulted tcount (7.087)>ttable (1.725) and tcount (9.216) >ttable (1.725, respectively. Based on the findings, it could be concluded that the use of pop-songs was effective to enrich kindergarten students’ vocabulary.

Keywords: songs, vocabulary, young learners, EFL

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