Strategi Penerjemahan Metafora Bahasa Indonesia ke dalam Bahasa Inggris dalam Antologi Puisi On Foreign Shores: American Image in Indonesian Poetry


The objective of this research was to investigate the translation strategies used to render the metaphors into English and errors committed in the translation. The research methodology was qualitative using the content analysis method. The data were collected through observation on the 69 Indonesian poems included in “On Foreign Shores” and their corresponding translated English versions using the criteria provided by metaphor theories. In the identification stage the observation process was conducted with the aid of Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP). The result reveals the followings. First, to translate the 174 Indonesian metaphors in the poetry anthology, three strategies were used: (1) reproducing the original metaphor with its exact equivalent (59.8%); (2) replacing the metaphor with a different metaphor which expresses similar meaning (35.6%); (3) and converting the metaphor into its approximate literal paraphrase (4.6%). Second, eleven inappropriate selections of translation strategies, which cause distortion in the meaning of the message conveyed by the original poets were found. This means that the accuracy of the use of translation strategies to render the 174 Indonesian metaphors into English is 93,68%. Despite the small number of errors, the translation strategies applied by the translator were recommended to be used as one of the references for translating Indonesian metaphors into English, especially in the context of poetry translation.

Keywords: penerjemahan metafora, strategi penerjemahan, prosedur penerjemahan, kesepadanan

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