Parlindungan_PardedeParlindungan Pardede

Teaching Field Majors: Reading, Academic Writing, Research in ELT, Literature and Cross-Cultural Understanding

Research Interests: Literature in ELT, Blended Learning

E-mail: parlpard2010@gmail.com 

ORCID ID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3078-6596 

PublicationsGoogle Scholar


Henrikus Male 

Teaching Field Majors: English Grammar, Language Skills, Translation, Sociolinguistics

Research Interests: Grammar, Psychological and Sociological Factors in Language Learning, Language Skills Development

Email: hendrymalle09@gmail.com 

Publications: Google Scholar


Lamhot Naibaho

Teaching Field Majors: Error Analysis, Pragmatics, Language Acquisition

Research Interests: ESL/EFL Language Acquisition,

Email:                                                        Publications:  Google Scholar


Luh Angelianawati

Teaching Field Majors: Literature in TEFL, Language Skills, Language Testing & Assessment

Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Literature Use in EFL Learning, Language Learning Methods and Strategies


Publications:  Google Scholar


Asri PurnamasariAsri Purnamasari

Teaching Field Majors: Curriculum & Materials Development, Language Testing & Assessment, ELT Methodology

Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Translation, Technology in EFL Learning

Email: asri.purnamasari@gmail.com     

Publications:  Google Scholar 

SaniagoSaniago Dakhi

Teaching Field Majors: Language Skills, Semantics, and Sociolinguistics, TEFL Methodology

Research Interests: Language Learning Strategy, Language Acquisition, Language Development

Email: saniagonias@gmail.com             

Publications:  Google Scholar  


Anggiat Mananda Hutabarat

Teaching Field Majors: Grammar, English Phonology, Translation

Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Translation

Email: anggiat.mananda@yahoo.co.id           



Situjuh Nazara

Teaching Field Majors: Language Skills, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Creativity Development

Research Interests: Reading in EFL, CALL Development

Email: c7nazara@gmail.com

Publications:  Google Scholar   | Creative Art Design: Typography, founder and type designer of  7NTypes


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