Playing Simple Grammar Game as an Alternative Way to Help Primary School Students Improve Their Grammar


This paper explores the teaching of grammar to foreign young learners. It is aimed at giving some insight to teachers specifically to private English teachers encompassing primary young learner, simple grammar game, and teaching grammar to young learner. This article also provides information of how to conduct simple grammar game in EFL class. Although it is still debatable concerning the teaching of grammar to young learners, teachers should provide fun and interesting activities to teaching it to their pupils. Therefore, it is crucial as the English teacher in teaching grammar to young learners in order to help them recognize adequate number of basic knowledge or language skills in their level. In order to bridge the gap, simple grammar game could be used as a natural way to help and lead them to the understanding of the grammar that they may put and make use of it into their real life context in learning English.

Keywords: Grammar, Primary Young Learners, Language Skills

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