An Analysis of the Translation Procedures in Translating English Metaphors in The Sky is Falling into Indonesian

Situjuh Nazara

Mariyati Simanjuntak

Universitas Kristen Indonesia


Since metaphor is regarded not only a figure of speech but also a cognitive operation, has been attracting scientists from various fields. In the field of translation, metaphors are viewed the most difficult expression to render to another language. This study aims at analyzing the procedures used in translating English metaphors in the novel The Sky is Falling into Indonesian. This study employed a qualitative approach. The data were taken from The Sky is Falling, a novel by Sydney Sheldon and its Indonesian version Langit Runtuh, translated by Hidayat Saleh. The results of the observation aided by the Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP), 39 metaphorical expressions were identified. Based on the analysis results, these English metaphors were rendered into by employing for translation procedures, namely: replacing SL image with standard TL image (2 items or 5.13%), translation of metaphor by simile retaining the image (5 items or 12.82%), conversion of metaphor to sense (7 items or 17.95%), and reproducing the same image in the TL (25 items or 64.10%). The procedure of reproducing the same image in the TL is the one mostly applied because it provides the best translation possible to convey the message from the SL while still maintaining the context of the SL.

Keywords: metaphor, translation procedures, image, sense

Full Text


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Note: This article was presented in The UKI English Education Department Bimonthly Collegiate Forum held on Friday, February 16, 2018.

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