Sharing and Caring

To share is generally defined as to grant or give a share, to distribute or let someone else use your portion of foods, feelings, ideas, experiences, joys, and so on. Sharing is one of the most important virtues that develop and nurture human relationships. It plays a role to create joy in life. Sharing emerges inherent happiness to both the sharer and the person with whom he/she has shared. In short to share is to spread joy. Sharing is more than a generous act. It implies empathy, the ability to get into another’s mind and see things from their viewpoint.

Sharing and caring are always seen as the two sides of a coin because both are interdependent. A person is willing to share because he or she cares. At the same time, Sharing also instills caring. Due to their close interrelationship, it is always said that sharing is caring.

Some people have misconception that sharing and caring will make one suffer. This is based on the idea that someone who has a caring character must sacrifice many things in his life, including materials, time, energy and thought. He is even seemed to lose personal pleasure. However, sacrifice actually provides many benefits. First, it makes one grow stronger and wiser, because only strong people can sacrifice. Those who cares and shares with other keep growing stronger. In other words, caring and sharing encourage the growth of spiritual, emotional and social maturity. Second, caring deepens one’s understanding of life. It allows one to know himself more deeply and comprehensively. Third, caring makes one’s life more effective and creative. The study of Lambert et al (2013) revealed that people who share their positive experiences increase their positive affect, happiness, and life satisfaction. It was found out that that positive affect, happiness, and life satisfaction reach a peak only when participants share their positive experiences.

Learning how to share also implies how to become a good human being and a more efficient member of the society. In the context of higher education, students who develop the value of caring as part of their character will become wise alumni because they know life, themselves and the world in depth and comprehensively. He will also live more effectively and creatively.


Lambert, N. M., Gwinn, A. M., Baumeister, R. F., Strachman, A., Washburn, I. J., Gable, S. L., & Fincham, F. D. (2013). A boost of positive affect: The perks of sharing positive experiences. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 30(1), 24–43.

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