Final Bound Undergraduate Thesis Submission

On successful completion of the undergraduate thesis (UgT) examination, it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct binding format is used for the Presentation Theses. Make sure it meets the requirements for the covers design, lay out, size of print, the spine lettering, etc. Use this template to guide you.

What to submit?

  1. Three (3) copies of the presentation (final bound) UgT with brown hard cover. Make sure that the whole examiners and the dean had signed all necessary approval forms.
  2. A copy of journal article written based on the UgT, conforming to JET’s writing guidelines, and has been reviewed and signed by your Advisor 1.  Use this template and attached this evaluation form at the end of the article.
  3. A CD containing the electronic copies of the thesis and the journal article, both in Word and PDF files. All pages containing signatures (approval, intellectual property statement, and copyright transfer statement) should be included in image (photo) form.
  4. An textbook ( in English) related to English Education which was published not older than 7 years ago.

All the items listed above are submitted to the appointed administrative staff.

Extra Copies of UgT.

A fresh graduate who requires extra copies of the thesis for any purpose other than that specified above must prepare these in addition to those copies required by the University.

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