A Survey on Junior High School Students Learning Styles

Hendrikus Male


Universitas Kristen Indonesia


Doing university social responsibility is compulsory for the lecturers as part of their responsibility for the society. This study was aimed at finding the general perception of junior high school students’ learning styles preferences. Basically, it was to find out what is the most dominant learning style the students may have. The respondents were administered a questionnaire which was modified and adapted from Cohen, Oxford, and Chi’s (2001) Learning Style Survey (LSS). Due to its time constraint, the study was only to seek the general perception. The result of data showed first and second learning styles of the students’ preferences were visual and auditory. Whereas kinesthetic was the last learning style preference found in the study.

Keywords: learning style, EFL, secondary school, visual, auditory, kinesthetic

Full text

Note: This article was presented at UKI English Education Department Collegiate Forum held on Friday, October 12, 2018


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