The Importance of Vision

Parlindungan Pardede

Universitas Kristen Indonesia

January 2, 2019

Vision is the first thing a nation, an organization, or an individual should have to succeed in life. Without vision, a nation will be unrestrained and fall. Without vision, an organization will surely collapse. Without vision, an individual will live aimlessly and hopelessly. P.K. Bernard says, “A man without a vision is a man without a future. A man without a future will always return to his past”. In short, one’s vision determines his destiny. To live meaningfully and successfully, one must first have a mission. The Bible accentuates “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

Should every student have a vision? Absolutely, yes! Vision is a person’s present aspiring mental picture of what he would like to achieve or reach in a specified time (mid-term or long-term) future. It is the dream he wants to make true in the future. Vision is the bridge which relates and guides one to transform his present and future. For a student, learning in a college is the best way to develop the attitude, skills, and knowledge he needs to achieve his dream. If he does not optimize the opportunities provided by his college life, he will fail to reach the dream.

Every student should have a vision because it provides him a full understanding of the purposes of his learning and never-ending energy to keep on achieving his dream. Like a visionary traveler who knows where to go and is sure how to arrive there, a student with a vision knows what to achieve through his learning and has the determination to overcome every difficulty in his study. A student with a vision is like a traveler who believes his destination is so wonderful that it is worth achieving by overcoming all obstacles along the journey to get there. He always has the courage to meet any challenge and never lacks of the vitality that makes him feel alive. Whenever obstacles arise, he enthusiastically tries his best to overcome. He never gets rid of ascending, descending crooked paths because he knows that by keeping on going through difficulties will make him stronger.

Are you a student with the quality of the visionary traveler? Do you believe your college life will make you arrive at a wonderful future? Do you have the vitality that makes you feel alive and enjoy your learning? Have you been enthusiastically doing your best to overcome all the obstacles you encounter in your study? Do you persistently struggle in the process of mastering your learning topics? If you cannot reply with a confident “Yes” to each of these questions, you must take time to create a clear vision today. Tomorrow may be too late. Remember: A student without a vision is a person without a future! (January 2, 2019)


  1. In my opinion, the content of this article is very useful for everyone, especially for students. This can help us to realize that the vision is very important, such as the statement above which says that “humans without vision, are human without a future” and in my opinion that is true. Because if we have a vision, then we will not easily give up to face the obstacles that exist in achieving our future to be better and we will be more enthusiastic in dealing with all these obstacles.

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  2. According to me, Vision like we want to build house. If we want to build house first we have make the foundation that is basically.
    Students must have their vision, it can help them to understanding the Purpose of their learning and achieving their dream. Learning does not stop, it continues even if we are old we still learn. Someone who has no vision. that person also has no dreams

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    1. Hi Edel,
      Comparing a vision to a house foundation seems interesting. In my opinion, however, a vision does not only concern with the base of the house. It should also delineate the whole design of the house, including its roof, wall, height, materials, etc. Even the energizing power needed to build the house is also included in the vision. What do you think?


      1. For me I think, Yes Sir we need energizing power to build the house in my opinion yes if we want to build a house that we need is energy in other words energy here is interpreted as our hard work to achieve our goals. So vision with hard work must be balanced and of course will produce good results.


  3. Yes, I absolutely agree that every student should have a vision.
    Whoever we are, students/teachers/as individuals, we should have a vision for our future. Start with deciding our life’s goal, with a clear vision we are expected to have commitment, strategy and motivation in reaching our goals.
    As stated by Merry Riana, “Vision is the art of looking at something that could not be viewed by others.”
    As a student, by having a vision, a student can choose clearly what she/he wants to do in reaching her/his goals. In terms of education, by having vision students are expected to have motivation too. By having motivation, they will make strategy and commitment to get and give the best in reaching their goals. Therefore, they will participate actively in university/school life; find connection, community, and friendship; encounter new ways of thinking and being in the world; independence, and success; as they develop and grow. (Dia Pristiawati, 2019)

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  4. A man without a vision is a man without a future. That’s absolutely true. Thanks for writing this post. It’s an amazing wake up call!


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