Being an English Teacher in Industrial Revolution 4.0: An Overview about Roles, Challenges, and Implications


The rapid development of science and technology in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, has tremendous impacts on human life, one of them in the field of Education. Digital technology causes a shift on the education system in Indonesia, especially English education, since the ability to communicate in foreign languages is an integral part of the technology utilization. In this case, English teachers have particular roleswhich can determine the success of the language education. These roles can equip students with new literacies including data literacy, technology literacy, and human literacy, skills, and national characters,which make them become wise agents of change in addressing and using technological sophistication, without neglecting human values. Although, it provides many benefits and conveniencesfor human beings, this industrial revolution provides quite complex challenges for education practitioners, especially English teachers. In addition, this revolution also bears implications toward the world of education, especially in language learning.

Key words: English teacher, Industrial Revolution 4.0, roles

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