A Simple Question Requiring an Immediate Action Based on Long Reflections

May 2, 2019

Parlindungan Pardede


Universitas Kristen Indonesia


  1. Teaching the today’s students requires deep understanding of their characteristics. Well-known as digital natives, they prefer to utilize IT in learning, independent-learning, and collaboration which are fun and encouraging.

    The easiness and attractiveness of the IT that they always interact and utilize make them difficult to acquire critical thinking. To do with this, though the teachers are obliged to force them to have such skill, the students need to be taught with interesting materials and with challenging procedures. This means that the way to get them critical is, instead of the designed materials, through the procedures of learning they are involved in.

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    1. I can’t disagree with you, Sir.
      Technology attractiveness and easiness, together with its automatization which provides “instant” results can often cause students to ignore the substance of learning. Technology should be used as an aid. It should be employed to do repetitive tasks and provide accuracy in the learning products. It is the students who deal with thinkings, the core of learning. Therefore, learning should be directed to develop students thinking, knowledge and skills. The goal of learning with technology principally means to employ it to facilitate learning, not for the technology sake only.

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