A Replying Letter from Superman Regarding COVID 19 Pandemic

Parlindungan Pardede


Universitas kristen Indonesia

“Humans cannot expect us (superheroes) to get out of the movie screen to save the world. But humans can take our commitment, strengths, courage, perseverance, compassion for the weak, and synergetic skills (like the one we show in ‘Infinity War’ movie) to inspire themselves to develop the same in themselves. I believe, it is through that inspiration that superheroes can help people to end any problem that threatens humanity.”

8 April 2020

Dear Parlin,

Do you know how grateful I am to receive your letter? Never had I expected to receive such a warm and encouraging letter. It becomes particularly special because it was sent by a friend from Indonesia, a marvelous great country consisting of more than 18,300 islands, more than 600 ethnicities, countless natural landscapes, gorgeous long beaches, majestic mountains, and rich and glorious cultural heritage.
Your letter made me excited to plan to visit your country and stay for some time in Bali, Lake Toba, Raja Ampat, and other marvelous places. However, I should postpone it because we must fight COVID 19 first, like Frost says, “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go …”

That’s true, COVID 19 has become a devastating pandemic. It is quickly spreading to many countries and has infected almost 1.5 million people. Our hearts go out to all people who have lost their family members, relatives, friends, etc. I know how sorrowful it is to lose by someone we love. I felt it when my mom, Martha Kent, and then my dad, Jonathan Kent, died of a fatal and rare tropical disease in Caribbean Islands. I tried everything I could, but I couldn’t keep them alive. Although my biological parents were Jor-El and Lara-El from Krypton, I believe my ‘real’ parents were “Pa” and “Ma” Kent who poured their love to raise me. I did inherit my physical power from my Kryptonian parents, but it was “Pa” and “Ma” Kent who taught me love and instilled in me the values of truth, justice, and humanity. That’s why I mourned quite long when my parents passed away.

Besides losing our beloved ones, COVID 19 has also significant negative economic, psychological, social, and educational impacts. Many vulnerable industries like manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, and travel are closed, putting 50 to 75 million jobs at a risk. It has also eliminated the income of approximately hundreds of millions of people working in informal environments. Physical distancing and quarantine are the best protocol we have to limit the virus spread. However, they can cause emotional disturbance, depression, stress, low mood, irritability, and insomnia, particularly among older adults. Those who lost jobs are also vulnerable to depression, distress, and low self-esteem. Tremendous bad effects of the pandemic are probably experienced by people living in poverty situations, persons with disabilities, older persons, and indigenous peoples. Homeless people, for instance, are highly exposed to the danger of the virus due to their inability to have safe shelter. Another frightening threat of this pandemic is possibly the gigantic educational crisis for it has caused more than 1.6 billion children and youth, equals to about 80% of the world enrolled students, to be out of school.

Parlin, my friend. I don’t have the expertise to handle such a virus pandemic. Using my superhuman vision, which enables me to see thins many miles away or things at a microscopic level, of course, I can see coronavirus whose diameter is 400-500 micrometer. But ………

To read the complete letter, please click here.

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