Terrorized by Coronavirus Pandemic: Do we need Superheroes?

Parlindungan Pardede


Universitas kristen Indonesia

“We need superheroes because their role models motivate us to be aware that any of us is capable of becoming a superhero, and by collaborating, we can fight any disaster that threats the world.

The coronavirus hit the world by surprise and keeps on spreading like wildfire across the globe. Only in four months, it has been affecting more than 200 countries and territories around the world, infecting more than 2 million people and killed more than 140,000. To limit the number of people’s exposure to the virus to slow down its spread, some countries or zones are locked down, offices, schools, and public places are shut, and our lives are on hold. Many people are despondent because they cannot meet their beloved ones. Some others are depressed about being unable to do the routines they used to have. Some even think their freedom is robbed.

The sheer terror and horror of this fast-moving infection are intensified when we hear that the number of death it causes keeps on increasing so sharply that some of us may feel our heart seems to skip a beat. Social media, through which we keep in touch with others, recently exposes an avalanche of panic, fear, despair, and confusion. The world is now living in a horror movie which, if possible, needs to turn off.

To end the current life that is so rife with misery, the leaders, doctors, nurses, and scientists across the globe have been trying their best. Musicians, entrepreneurs, and other elements of society have also contributed to the struggles of fighting the virus. However, no effective approach has been found. Since we have not seen the end in sight, our passion to survive may go weaker.

Getting stuck in such a desperate crisis, it seems that humans need the help of superheroes who can provide more quick and prospective solutions, like when Superman collects nuclear missiles in the air and sends them to the sun,  when Batman saves Gotham from Ra’s Al Ghul’s attempts to destroy it with a hijacked subway train, a microwave weapon, and a fear-toxin-contaminated water supply, and when Spiderman uses all his strength to stop a speeding train full of passengers from going off the rails in New York.

We are highly enchanted by such actions because they concern with the survival of humanity. This also answers the question of why superhero movies are quickly popular and some of them become a box-office hit. We will always be thrilled by any commitment and remarkable capabilities to save humanity, and such commitment and capabilities also inspire us to do the same.

Many people, however, will argue, “But superheroes are fiction. Their commitment and super strengths are imaginative, while coronavirus pandemic is real. They belong to two different realms!” … …

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