Making a Difference amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Candeni Tambunan

Five months since its emergence, coronavirus spread has been increasingly rampant and caused many losses and worries for many people in the world. Its outbreak has now been reported in at least 185 countries, which means there is only ten countries that are not infected by the virus yet. Johns Hopkins University reported that globally more than 3.2 million people, among whom more than one million have recovered, and over 229,000 were killed. The pandemic has also shut down the economy of almost every country in the world and is causing heavy losses. Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimated the global losses will reach around US $ 77 billion to US $ 347 billion. But in the midst of the pandemic, we need to see opportunities to make a difference. We can do it by doing kindness in line with our abilities, potentials, and talents. This essay talks about what simple kindness we can do to make a difference amidst the pandemic. ‌

First, we can provide soap to public in front of our house. So far that vaccine for coronavirus has not been found yet. The only way to kill and reduce its spread is by washing our hands with soap. Research says that soap works even better than alcohol and disinfectants in killing the virus. The virus consists of assembled monoparticles where the weakest link is the lipid (fat) bi-layer and the soap is able to dissolve this fat membrane. When the outside layer of the virus or fat is destroyed, the virus will become inactive or die. So, by providing soap in front of our house to public will help everyone, especially the homeless and those who cannot afford to buy soap to protect themselves from the virus. ‌

Next, we can donate to relief organization. Many people might have wondered how to help others during this pandemic but they do not have much money to donate. However if we look more broadly, there are many relief organizations aiming to help people in need especially during this pandemic. They usually provide assistance in the form of clothing, food, masks, money, etc. to the poor or homeless people and buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for doctors, nurses, and all those who are on the front lines. So, we can actually help others by donating the little money we have to such organizations. Although the amount of our donations is relatively small, if everyone around the world contribute, a large amount of donations will be collected.

Another action we can do is sharing important or latest news about coronavirus on social media. The impact of coronavirus now requires everyone to stay at home. This certainly makes most people choose to spend their time online on social media. This is an opportunity for us to do kindness by sharing important and latest news about coronavirus. This might seem trivial and doesn’t have a very useful meaning. But by sharing important and latest news about coronavirus, we can help everyone in our social media keep up-to-date of what is happening around the world and what important information they need to know. Information about which areas are included in the red zone and tips to keep healthy during staying at home, for instance, are necessary for everyone. By sharing it, we can help take care of themselves, stay away from the red zone, and maintain their endurance.

So, in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, we should not be anxious. Conversely, we need to look at opportunities to make a difference by doing some kindnesses such as providing soap to public in front of our house, donating to relief organizations, and sharing important or latest news about coronavirus on social media. By doing such acts of kindnesses, we will also get some benefits in our social life and our health. Basically doing kindness will not dis-serve us, instead it will back to us in different ways. So, never worry to do good things, let’s keep continue to do kindness for others especially during this pandemic.

* Thanks to the author of In times of Coronavirus pandemic, we can make a difference that inspired me to write this essay.

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