Making a Difference amidst COVID 19 Pandemics: What we can Do?

Nurmauli Panjaitan

Since the appearance of Corona at the end of 2019, it seems like the world is already grieving. Until April 30, 2020 coronavirus has spread to 210 countries, infected 3,217,825 people and caused 228,005 deaths. The increasing casualty certainly makes the world quite worried. But we need to look at the positive side of this situation. With the current situation, people try to help each other to reduce their burden. We need to see the opportunity to make a difference. Even though we are in the scary circumstances, it is worth trying to do good to others. This essay discusses about making a difference amidst the pandemic.‌ ‌

The first and simplest action we can do to make a difference amidst a pandemic corona virus is giving a “thank you” to those who are fighting against COVID-19 (medical officers, donors, the government, etc.). It might not be a big action, but I feel, ‘thank you’ can build their enthusiasm. If we cannot contribute more, at least we say thank you. It really can make a difference.‌ ‌

The second action is to obey the rules. Until now there have been several policies and protocols issued by the government in Indonesia. Some of them are the large scale physical distancing (PSBB) and homecoming prohibitions. Obeying the current regulations is not only for our personal benefit, but is also a form of our contribution to the medical and security personnel to reduce their burden. They will be very grateful when we maintain our safety and health. We really need to do this action in the midst of the current conditions. ‌ ‌

The third action is to share useful information (no hoax). When we get information that really helps our brothers and sisters out there, don’t just stay quiet. Do what you can to help, one of which is to share the info (make sure first if it’s not a hoax). Maybe we do not have money to donate, but we have the capacity to share necessary information. For instance, I have shared the information about organizations that want to raise funds for a hospital needed personal protective equipment. Sharing it, an alumni from my campus decided to help. Look, even though it’s not big, it’s very capable of making a difference.

The next action is saying a prayer. Prayer is a simple contribution that everyone can do. Learning from the story of Nehemiah (one of the characters of the Bible), the first response he made when he heard the news of the collapse of Jerusalem wall was to pray. His prayer moves him in the way given by God. Prayer becomes the simplest action which can give the most amazing results. It can have a big impact on our nation and the world! Why don’t we make prayer movement? ‌ ‌

Doing acts of kindness in the current pandemic situation is very helpful to reduce the burden on the government. To start, we can contribute through these four actions: say thank you, share information, obey rules, and pray. Doing them, we can make a difference amidst corona virus pandemic to other people. Don’t think that contribution is only in the form of money, food, clothing, and other materialistic things. Any act of kindness can make a difference amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

* Thanks to the author of In times of Coronavirus pandemic, we can make a difference that inspired me to write this essay


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