Making a Difference in the Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic

Donna Aruan

The appearance of coronavirus has scared the world. Many countries, including Indonesia, have lost thousands of lives According to Worldometer, up to May 2, 2020, COVID 19 has infected 3.401.015 people of whom 239.602 died. The spreads of coronavirus pandemic is so quick that paramedics should keep on fighting to cure patients. The growing number of deaths caused by the virus makes the world terrifying. In such situation, we can do acts of kindness to reduce the fear of peoples around us. This essay suggests three actions to make a difference amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

‌Firstly, volunteer your time. Do you have a friend in self-isolation? If you do, take your time to help him/her. You can start by praying for her and deliver him/her shopping like treats and other things he/she might need. Besides that, you also can cheer him/her with video call or chatting so that he/she never feel lonely and thinks nobody cares for him/her. Although such act is simple, it could be meaningful and helpful to someone needing support. ‌

Secondly, check in your elderly neighbors. If you have an elderly neighbor living alone, you can check her to make sure she is fine. If your elderly neighbor is sick, you can call her family or bring her to the nearest hospital. I have two elderly neighbors. Every morning I visit them to make sure they are fine. I also prepare their breakfast and lunch and accompany them until their families returned from their office. ‌

Third, don’t share bad news or hoax related coronavirus pandemic. The presence of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp makes it easy for us to obtain information. But the convenience we get turns out to have a serious impact. Social media has turned out to be a place contributing to the growth of Hoax. Since coronavirus pandemic emergence, lots of fake news findings about coronavirus has been spreading even more quickly than the virus. In March 12, 2020, Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information found 196 hoaxes related to the virus. Pardede says “Fake news can have very serious consequence because it endangers people by (1) promoting fake products and services (e.g. fake COVID-19 tests and vaccines), (2) promoting a false sense of security (e.g. misleading information about treatments), and (3) promoting suspicion of the official guidelines and sources.”

In the midst of coronavirus pandemic you can make a difference by volunteering your time, checking in elderly neighbors, and not sharing fake news or hoax related to coronavirus pandemic. Although they are simple, we can use them as acts of kindness to people around us. Martin Luther King says what matters is “What are you doing for others?”. Start now! You can make a difference.

*Thanks to the author of In times of Coronavirus pandemic, we can make a difference that inspired me to write this essay

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