What we Can Do to Make a Difference amidst COVID 19 Pandemic

Edel Trudis Uto

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has reached over 150 countries, infected hundreds of thousands of people, and resulted in thousands of death. Now, we can see fear around public health emergencies showing the coronavirus can bring out the worst in people. But it also provides inspiring examples of people who decide to be kind by carrying out acts of kindness amid the pandemic. This essay discusses three simple actions for making a difference amidst coronavirus pandemic. ‌

The first act for making a difference amidst coronavirus is to save personal protective equipment for those on the front lines. There are some complaints that protective equipment in the hospital is limited. We do not need to buy or stock up on personal protective equipment such as surgical masks and N95 respirators. Such equipment should be reserved for use by health care workers, first responders, and other frontline workers whose jobs put them at much greater risk of being infected with COVID-19. If we want to protect ourselves, we can buy the masks made by fabric, or we can make by ourselves. ‌ ‌

We can also help the elderly by cooking their daily food and accompanying them. As we know the elderly are very vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus. In this situation, they might be unable to go everywhere. Suppose they want to get some ingredients to fulfill their daily food, what should they do? We can help them by cooking for them. I believe they would be grateful and happy with that. While cooking for them, we can also accompany them so they might not feel lonely. This is the one example that I’ve done with my sister in our boarding house. ‌ ‌

The third action for making a difference amidst coronavirus is to help overseas people, especially the students from outside Jakarta living in the boarding house. There are many organizations aiming to help people who are overseas. We can help by providing information using our social media to deliver information to them.

Through small acts of kindness amidst the coronavirus pandemic we can make a difference to people around us. Saving personal protective equipment for those on the front lines, helping the elderly and assisting overseas people are simple but advantageous acts we can do. Don’t think to make a difference can be done only by donating much money or providing high-priced equipment. Small our actions may be, the can make a difference if we do them sincerely.

*Thanks to the author of In times of Coronavirus pandemic, we can make a difference that inspired me to write this essay

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