Be the Best Version of Yourself

Author: Candeni Tambunan

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Jack Ma are three of the most well-known and very successful people in the field they are engaged in. Albert Einstein was very famous for his success in the field of physical knowledge, Steve Jobs is best known for his success in his Apple brand company, and Jack Ma is famous for his Tao Bao company. When we see the fame and success they have, surely we also have a dream of becoming someone like them in the future. With fame, success, and wealth our name will always be remembered for a long time, we will live happily without poverty, and so forth. But before achieving the success they get, they also have experienced many obstacles in their lives. However these obstacles do not become a reason for them to give up. It becomes a lesson that they use to continue to improve themselves to become the best version of themselves untill they become a successful person. This essay aims to convey useful educational inspiration obtained from the three figures above. ‌

First, don’t be afraid to make mistake. Before reaching his success in the discovery of the theory of relativity which is the most famous theory of all time. Albert Einstein certainly also experienced many failures in the form of experiments and theories. If only Einstein was afraid to make mistakes, he would certainly never arrive at the time when he finally got the final result of his theory of relativity which became the beginning of his name known and remembered till this day. So, we should never be afraid to make mistakes. As Einstein said that “Mistakes are not failures. Mistakes can make you stronger, smarter, and faster”. ‌

The second is to stay focus. In the early journey of Steve Jobs’s career in founding his Apple company, he also experienced many obstacles. Even though he was dropped out while studying at Reed College he didn’t just give up easily. He remained focused to look for opportunities in his life to achieve a better future. With sufficient capital and experience from his previous job, he started his business namely Apple Computer Co. Because of the small funds, he could only able to afford the used garage of his family in California as a place to start his business. Despite the lack of funds, he did not want to give up, he remained focused on running his business. Due to his focus on running his business, eventually his business can develop into a very large company. ‌

The last one is to believe in yourself. Just like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, Jack Ma also faced obstacles before achieving his success. Previously Jack Ma had tried to run a startup business. He created China Pages – an online directory for local entrepreneurs to get customers from abroad. Unfortunately, his business failed, so Jack was forced to close it. But even though he failed, he still believed in himself that he could definitely be successful. Then, once again he started his new business called Alibaba which also has the same goals as his previous business. Because he believed in himself, he did not give up easily until finally Alibaba developed successfully. Not only that, Jack also developed his business by creating a special site for e-commerce customers called Tao Bao which even defeated the giant e-commerce, eBay. ‌

From the life lessons passed by Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Jack Ma above, we can get educational inspiration that is very useful for our lives, especially as students in the process of achieving a brighter future. Namely by becoming the best version of ourselves. By not being afraid to make mistakes, staying focus, and believing in ourselves, we will become the best version of ourselves. We will never give up easily when we face any obstacle in our lives.

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