Education as a Valuable Asset

Maria Elvira

Education is invaluable for humans. Through education, people learn to gain new knowledge, skills, and value to develop themselves. One’s good education also gives benefits to other people. Therefore, we must educate ourselves as optimal as possible, and to do it we should first realize the importance of education. Thus could be done by learning from great figures. Marina “Butet” Manurung, Heni Sri Sundani, and the twin sister Sri Rossyati and Sri Irianingsih are some Indonesian educators with many essential concepts of education we can learn. This essay discusses some of the concepts.

The first is the infinity of learning emphasizing that we can learn everything, anytime, and anywhere. The figures above employ different styles and methods to adjust their teaching to their students’ needs and conditions. They do not only teach reading and writing but also life skills. They amend the learning contents to the students’ environment so that their teachings are always contextual, efficient and easy to master by the students. “Teaching reading and writing is easy, the most difficult is to teach character,” said Ross in an interview. She believes that education makes humans civilized. They can grow with intellectual and intelligent development, virtue, character, and a sense of humanity. So, we need to realize that good education is not merely the breadth of knowledge (or theory), it’s also about people’s attitudes, skills, and mindset.

The second is that education is not only about being certified. According to Butet Manurung, useful knowledge should enable a person to independently solve their own problems (, Dec 25, 2018). We need to make certain that education is implemented as a process of learning to understand and develop knowledge, to improve self-quality. Unfortunately, many people today are certified but are not truly educated. They cannot implement the knowledge they have learned because they prioritized to pursue the diploma and high GPA while attending college. Some of them even hired somebody to write their thesis, and others tried to buy the national exam answers. As a result, many college graduated could not get jobs and become unemployed. Therefore, education isn’t only about being certified but to empower one with knowledge, skills and necessary values, and the ability to apply them in daily life.

Finally, education is a tool to change and this is the main point of education. Some female figures above also agreed that education is to bring change. Heni said; “Education is the most effective weapon to break the chain of poverty,” (, April 15, 2016). Meanwhile, Butet Manurung stated that education is one way to make us being empowered, through education we won’t be easily get fooled. Ross and Rian believe that good quality education provides good quality generations for the nation. It was such realization of the importance of education as the key for changes that motivated these figures to build schools or learning communities for underprivileged children.

The three educational concepts taught by the great figures above designate that a good education develop knowledge, attitudes, morals, and mindset that help individuals to develop better life. Good education is not only beneficial to individuals but also to other people. Therefore, education is very valuable and everyone deserves to get it. ***

*Thanks to the author of A Lesson from Six Great Autodidacts: Learning is Good, Schooling is Bad that inspired me to write this essay

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