What do alumni say about EED?

“For me, UKI is the main agent that has shaped me to what I am today. I started studying at EED UKI in 1998, when I was 28 years old. In terms of career, I was almost certain that I would have difficulties in pursuing my career as when I graduated I would be 32 years old, an age where it would be difficult for someone to be accepted in a new company. However, with hard work and massive support from the lecturers, I was able to rapidly increase my ability in using English. This, then, made me optimistic that I could reach the pinnacle of success in my career. At the last stage of my study, in 2001, I was ‘asked’ to be an English teacher by a well-known private school in North Jakarta, my starting point to change my career, from an administrator to an educator.”

“For Indonesian teachers, there were two dream schools in Indonesia to work at, the Jakarta International School (JIS), now the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), and the British International School (BIS), now the British School Jakarta (BSJ) since they offered big salaries and international standard supporting facilities. I still remember, in 2012, I could easily outperform 18 of my competitors to get a teaching position at BIS/BSJ. Thanks to my learning experience at UKI, which was greatly enriched by very dedicated lecturers and a conducive learning environment. My ability to speak English, which was developed at UKI, made it also very easy for me to continue my Masters education, both in Indonesia and in Australia. With my study and work experience, I have now earned my international teaching licenses, IB from Europe and IGCSE from UK. One of my biggest dreams is to share my experiences and dedicate my expertise to education in Indonesia. That is why, since 2012 I have built and developed two networks of international standard schools, The Solideo Gracias School (SGS) and The Global Hope School (GHS), which will continue to be present throughout Indonesia, ready to create ‘superior generations’ for better Indonesia. Thank you, EED UKI!”

(Timson Simnullang, S.Pd., M.Hum.,TESMC., Certified IB & IGCSE Teacher, currently working as a teacher at British School Jakarta; Founder and CEO of Solideo Gracias School (SGS) chain; and  Founder and Principal Global Hope School (GHS) chain.

“EED UKI is the right partner for anyone to prepare the future. Supported by experienced and friendly lecturers, we could learn lots of things to improve ourselves. Not only English but also soft and life skills. EED UKI also has good network to connect us with many opportunities. Graduated in 2004, I soon experienced working for a private bank and a private educational institution. Some years later I began to worked for the government up to now. Thank you EED UKI, for all the programs and curriculum which empowered me to achieve my future.”

(Liz Zeny Merry, Head of Creative Economy Strategic Development Division, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investments Affairs)

“When I was studying in EED UKI, I really enjoyed it and the atmosphere felt very familiar. The faculties and staffs were really friendly and willing to help. The location of the campus is very centrally located and easy to get to from all over areas in Greater Jakarta. What I learned at EED, particularly English, is important to me because I can apply it to everyday life when I am living, working, and traveling abroad. Thank you so much to UKI, faculty, and staffs!”

(Sisilia Frensti Lambert, EED UKI Student Batch 2006. Academic Department Coordinator at College of Coastal Georgia, US.)

“I am proud of being part of EED UKI. All the faculties helped me learn many subjects, skills, and values. I appreciated the future-oriented curriculum I got there. All of these and the multicultural environment provided me with rich experiences. While studying in EED, I had the opportunity to teach English as a part-time job. After graduated from EED in 2013, I worked in a language center as an HRD head and continued my study to a post-graduate program. Now I live in Balikpapan and become a lecturer at a university in the city. It’s a pride to be an alumnus of EED UKI. The study program and its faculties have helped me attain my goals.”

(Selfy Aveline, EED UKI Student Batch 2009).

“Education is one of the most crucial factors that change my life. I had no idea of what career to pursue in my future before joining EED UKI.  Thanks to the transformational learning and teaching paradigm implemented when I studied in EED UKI in 1999-2004 which formed my understanding of education and ensured me how passionate I am with the educational sector. Moreover, EED UKI facilitated me to improve my mastery of English, both as a means of communication and as a linguistic study. Besides, the intensive friendly interactions with the faculties inspired me about the essence of life-long education and the importance of soft and life skills. After graduating from EED UKI in 2004, the journey of my study continued; I got my post-graduate degree from a teacher college. Finally, the worldview foundation of education brings me to work as a teacher, an educator, an inspirator in the education field. I strongly agree the saying, ‘To teach is to touch lives forever.’ Thanks to EED UKI for having shown me the road to take and helped shaped my career and the person I am today. It’s a pride to be one of your alumni.”

(Abed Nego, Curriculum Coordinator and Teachers Trainer in Sekolah Dian Harapan, Jakarta)

“Drawing a line back, I never imagined to become an educator. However, when I decided to study at EED UKI, I felt that I had chosen the right thing for my future. During my study, EED UKI did not only provide a comfortable environment but also approachable but skillful faculties and staffs so that lectures did not feel heavy or stressful. I remembered having a large opportunity to interact with many people from various cultures and participate to organize some events that improved my social skill which was certainly very useful. Graduated in 2015, I had a lot of provisions, besides English mastery, that were really advantageous for my life and career path. EED also formed me to be a life-long learner. That’s why I was motivated me to continue my study for a master’s degree at one of the leading state universities in Indonesia, competing with other bachelors of various well-known state universities, and finally managed to graduate as the best student. If I did not choose EED UKI as my cornerstone, perhaps I would have never got such achievement and the present career as an educator that I love very much. I am proud of being an alumnus of EED UKI.”

(Annery Fienta Tambunan, EED UKI Student Batch 2011).

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